G9 – Pure Tulsi (Ocimum Basilicum) Extract Drops

New G9 – Pure Tulsi (Ocimum Basilicum) Extract Drops
Made from Pure Extract of Tulsi (Ocimum Basilicum). Increases Immunity power to prevent diseases. Removes Negative energy. Treats Stomach-ache & Improves digestion. Increases WBC (White Blood Cells) which prevents & treats infections. Helpful in treating Common Cold, Cough and other Respiratory diseases. Controls Blood Pressure & Prevents heart related issues. Relieves Hyper Acidity, Gas, Colitis and other Digestive disorders. Treats Kidney & Urinary problems. Treats Skin diseases like leukoderma, leprosy etc. Helpful in De-addiction of Alcohol, Nicotine & Other addictions. Provides Anti-Oxidants & Increases energy level. Bathing with G9 mixed with water increases positive energy. 100% Natural, pure and healthy product without any preservatives or artificial ingredients. Gluten free, GMD Free.
Children (Aged between 5 to15): 1 drop. Adults: 2-3 drops. Advisable to take along with glass of Tea/Coffee in the morning. One can add jiggery/honey for taste.

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Tags: G9 Drops for Digestive Disorders, Respiratory Infections, Kidney&Urinary Infections, Skin ailments, Antioxidant