<ul><li>It can be also used to reduce obesity and prevents heart attack as it helps in reducing the cholesterol levels.</li><li> Amla juice is a natural oxidant that flushes out toxins from body, fortifies our liver, nourishes our brain, strengthens our lung, improves muscle tone, conditions our urinary system, balances stomach acids and is a very good body coolant.</li><li> It promotes hair pigmentation and hair growth. It also strengthens roots of hair thus preventing hair loss.</li><li> It's a miracle potion for improving one's eyesight.</li><li> It exhibits anti aging properties by decreasing the levels of free radicals in our body.</li><li> It's extremely beneficial in treating all kinds of skin ailments.</li></ul>
20ml-30ml taken with equal amount of water twice a day & should be taken on an empty stomach.

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