About Us

Ayu Svastha

Derived from two Sanskrit words; Ayu meaning “Life span” and Svastha meaning “Healthy Well-being”. 

With this Philosophy comes Ayu Svastha, a Bangalore based company, founded with a vision to Educate, Engage and Reach the effectiveness of Ayurveda and Nutraceuticals to people across the world. 

Ayurveda, the science of Life, originated in India over 5000 years ago, making it one of the world’s oldest health care systems. It is not merely a health care system to treat ailments but a complete philosophy that encourages the pursuit of a “Healthy Lifestyle”. Ayurveda is known to be the 'Mother of all healing systems' as it predates all other healing therapies and natural medicines.


Our Vision

Prevent Illness, Promote Wellness is our manta and our Vision is to propagate this ancient and effective health philosophy of Ayurveda by providing most effective Herbal, Organic & Nutraceutical Solutions.

Ayu Svastha is committed towards bringing Zero Side-Effect products and Efficacy based solutions and benefits to our customers. Along with our own in-house Ayu Svastha brand, we are partnered with some of the most trusted brands in the market to fulfil our commitments to the customers.


Ayu Svastha comprises of a Multi-skilled team of experts who have worked in some of the best organisations and Ayurvedic experts and consultants in India. Ayu Svastha is focused on reaching our customers directly and indirectly through various channels, thereby strive at making it the most User Friendly Organisation in Ayurveda Business Community.