G 32

G 32
<ol><li>Stops gum bleeding, reduces inflammation.</li><li>Restores normal orange peel appearance and texture of the gums.</li><li>Helps healing process by Keratinization and Granulation.</li><li>Improves Oral Hygiene.</li><li>Gingivectomy can be avoided in stage I and II periodontitis by 3-4 weeks treatment with G32.</li><li>Effective in non-malignant common oral mucosal lesions Stops gum bleeding, reduces inflammation.</li></ol>
<ol><li>Crush 1 to 3 tablets G32 to fine powder.</li><li>Massage this powder over gums, teeth and on the effected parts and inside the whole mouth properly, with the help of finger tip.</li><li>Keep it for minimum five minutes for effective action. Then rinse with fresh water.</li><li>Repeat two or three times a day as necessary.</li></ol>

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