<ol><li>Soap is one of the factor that determines skin’s health and beauty.Irrespective of the fragrance and color quality is that matters most.We need a soap that keeps the skin healthy and beautiful.</li><li>Ayurveda mix plus is the pioneer kashaya soap of Sanjeevai Herbals in the market.Mixing Ayurveda kashayas in the soap gives more medicinal value.</li><li>It pierces deep into the skin and chills our body.This soap produced as a result of constant research protects the skin’s health and beauty.Pure coconut oil is used in the soap.</li><li>Constant use of this soap cures scares, sores and all other skin diseasesChildren can also use this soap.</li><li>Soft skin of the kids is protected by this soap.</li><li>Wrinkling skin and rashness can be reduced by continuous use of this soap.</li></ol>
External application only.

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