<ol><li>Banjaras Brahmi Powder is an excellent hair nourisher and gives long, dense and lustrous hair.</li><li>Banjaras Brahmi Powder strengthens the hair roots, prevents hair fall and premature greying.</li><li>Regular massage to the scalp with Banjaras Brahmi Powder removes dandruff, gives sound sleep and improves memory power Banjaras.</li></ol>
<ol><li>Take the sufficient amount of Brahmi powder in a small bowl.</li><li>The quantity required will depend upon your hair length. Start by mixing the powder with plain water.</li><li>You can customize and add ingredients like amla, curd or tulsi powder. Then use a spoon to make a thin and fine paste.</li><li>Apply the paste all over your hair from the scalp to the ends using a flat hair brush or with your hands.</li><li>Leave it to dry completely at least for an hour.</li><li>Rinse your hair thoroughly with plain water..</li></ol>

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