<ol><li>For Aniema, Gastic related Problems, Indigestion Etc. Bio Alovera has so many Health Benefits on Digestive System and immune system.</li><li>It reduces acidity, detoxes, reduces pH levels and alleviates Heartburn.</li><li>It alleviates Constipation (by cleansing the Colon) .</li><li>Alleviates the Inflammation of the Digestive Tract that is associated with Crohnars Disease and Ulcerative.</li><li>It reduces tumor mass in some types of cancer and inhibits the metastasis of some types of cancer disease and IBS for easier digestion.</li><li>Bio Aloevera capsules are useful in chronic constipation and irritable bowel syndrome.</li><li>This is a vegetarian capsule and is used in the condition of liver weakness, diabetes management, hair loss, premature graying and other hair loss problem.</li><li>It aid blood and lymphatic circulation and facilitate digestion.</li><li>Bio Alovera capsules help you in enjoying easier digestion.</li><li>Bio Alovera capsules to get rid from eczema and ulcers. It gives you a better quality of life by boosting your immune system.</li><li>Bio Alovera capsules contain the pure Aloe vera which works in a fast and effective way.</li></ol>
2capsules 2 times a day one hour before food with Luke warm water,or as directed by an Ayurvedic Doctor.

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