<ol><li>Helps to form an extraordinary hair and scalp conditioning product.</li><li>It is used for combating greasy and oily hair, by regulating the sebum production of the scalp.</li><li>Regenerate structural strength of hair. On the scalp it helps to prevent and control dandruff-Lemon, Neem. It allows new black hair growth in place of white hair. Henna, Hibiscus.</li><li>It provides shiny, soft black, long and dense hair.Brahmi relieves from Stress.</li></ol>
Dump henna powder in a bowl and mix with water or tea dictation. Make it as a paste and leave it for the whole night. Put on your gloves and start applying the henna. Start at the top and take a very small partition of your hair. Apply henna just to the roots and skin closest to the partition of hair. Use a lot of henna and a thick application,Start with the roots, and apply to the remaining length of hair as you are winding it and carefully remove the layers and clean it thoroughly.

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