<ul><li>Bio Sandal Glow gives you instant Massage and Night cream due to unique its herbal Oil Based formulation. Honey, Haridra and Alovera will moisturize the skin and keep it fresh all day long</li><li>Its good for Dry skin to solve skin problems like Tanning and Wrikles</li><li>plays an important role in protecting the skin damage from ultraviolet radiation of sun</li></ul>
<ul><li>Apply the Bio Sandal Glow Gel to face, neck and hands using a plastic spatula</li><li>Smooth the Oil based Gel into the skin lightly with your fingertips. Rub the moisturized skin using your thumbs, fingers and palms</li><li>Massage for 15-20 minutes in circular motion with firming and lifting upward and outward strokes</li><li>Massage till Oil based Gel gets completely absorbed into the skin. Leave it for 5 minutes</li><li>Wash off. Pat Dry. For Every day can be used as a night cream</li></ul>

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