<ol><li>Moisturizes, cleans, smoothens, and softens the skin. </li><li>Prevents wrinkles and keeps the skin fresh, young and gives it a healthy glow.</li><li>Protects from the after effects of sun rays, dust, smoke, exhaust fumes etc.</li><li>Provides relief from burns and skin inflammation.</li><li>Reduces swelling, pain and treats bruises Stimulates dermal cells and rejuvenates skin. Protect the skin from the sun, wind, cold. Nourish the skin.</li><li>Improve skin Quality, Comfort and plump the skin.</li><li>Slow down the natural moisture loss.</li><li>Prevent skin dehydration.</li><li>Work as a day treatments.</li><li>Create a base for the makeup application.</li><li>Prevent dryness and cracking.</li><li>Keep the skin smooth Moisturizes,cleans, smoothens, and softens the skin.</li></ol>
<ol><li>Wash or cleanse face and apply Bio Glow Cream on Face, neck and hands.</li><li>Massage thoroughly twice daily,or as directed by an Ayurvedic Doctor.</li></ol>

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