<p>Lemon grass, is a very useful medicinal plant and is used the world over for flavouring soups, gravies, Thai & other curries. It is also added to tea, coffee, milk etc. to enhance taste aroma & flavour of the beverage. In India, lemon grass is also known as Green Tea, Leeli Chai or Gavti Chaha and is used mainly to flavour tea or as the primary ingredient for green tea. The best description of the taste of lemon grass would be that it is a perfect blend of sweetness, mintiness and tanginess with a gingery zing to it! Most consumers will refuse to have regular tea once they have tasted tea with the flavour, aroma and taste of lemon grass in it.<p><br><ol><li>Destressor</li><li> Antidepressant</li><li> Anti-Oxidant</li><li> Skin Panacea</li><li> Digestive Tonic</li><li> Analgesic</li><li> Relaxant</li><li> Antiseptic</li></ol>
<ol><li>Add approx half teaspoon of Green Heart Lemongrass to flavour one cup of regular tea, coffee, milk, soups etc.</li><li> Add 1 teaspoon (1g) of contents and 8-9 mint (pudina) leaves to one cup of boiling water.</li><li> Add ginger, sweetener (jaggery, honey, stivia, sugar) & lime juice (to taste).</li><li> Green Heart Lemongrass can also be used for preparation of Thai food and many curries.</li><li> Use approximately one-fourth of fresh quantity(after cleaning away waste) used.</li></ol><br>Caution: Once opened, please store in an air tight container to retain freshness and keep away from excess heat and light.

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