<ol><li>Removes black heads and nourishes the skin.</li><li>Chandan powder is a wonderful remedy that can treat skin problems, has an amazing fragrance, is used for medicinal purposes and also provides a soothing effect in summers.</li><li>Chandan powder is available easily in Indian stores and you can make use of this to create homemade packs to get glowing skin.</li><li>You may also find natural chandan in the form of a stick and stone which you can rub together to make a natural paste of it.</li></ol>
<ol><li>Mix Chandan powder with water to make a paste.</li><li>Apply over face and effected parts of the body.</li><li>Allow the paste to dry thoroughly. Rinse thoroughly with cold water.</li><li>Avoid lime or soap to get natural low Mix Chandan powder with water to make a paste.</li></ol>

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