<ol><li>Sandu Gulkand has sweet taste and coolant effect.</li><li>It is useful in summer season to provide protection against summer heat.</li><li>It is useful in vitiation of pittadosha when body heat increases due metabolic process of body.</li><li>It can be safely given to children, pregnant women as well as elderly people.</li><li>It neutralizes excess heat as well as sourness of vitiated pittadosha by its coolant & sweet properly.</li><li>In summer season when person is exhausted.</li><li>It provides energy & stamina to the person.</li><li>By mild laxative action it is useful to relieve Constipation</li><li>It is also indicated in cases of excessive perspiration.</li><li>It is useful in hyperacidity, burning sensation in eyes, prickly heat, skin tanning.</li></ol>
10 - 20 gms or 2 tsp 2 times with milk twice a day or as directed by an Ayurvedic Doctor.

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