<ol><li>Bonton Capsule is a well balanced formula that contains highly reputed Ayurvedic bone strengthening herbs and formulations along with Natural calcium.</li><li>It promotes early fracture reunion, improves blood supply at fracture site, and reduces associated pain & inflammation.</li><li>It effectively helps in building bone mass density in osteoporotic condition. Promotes osteoblastic activity.</li><li>Ensures proper bone calcification. Arrests osteoporotic degeneration.</li><li>Has powerful anti-osteoporotic action. Improves bone mineral density by 5.61%.</li><li>Improves tensile strength of bones. Reduces pain and inflammation.</li><li>Hastens fracture healing.</li><li>Facilitates reunion of slow healing and multiple fractures.</li></ol>
<ol><li>Osteoporosis: 2 Capsules in a day for 12 weeks followed by 1 Cap in a day.</li><li>Fracture Healing: 2 Capsules in a day for 3 weeks.</li></ol>

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